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Washer Drain Hoses – Do’s & Don’ts

Washer Drain Hoses – Do’s & Don’ts   Don’t get stuck in wash or rinse   Recently a friend called asking if I knew why his new washer would never fill, or get stuck in rinse cycle, as the water just kept running out of it. Well it

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DIY Home Appliance Tips

Delay the need for an appliance repair professional This may sound counter intuitive since our job is to repair your appliances when they break down, but we also understand how much you invest in quality appliances for your home. If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, eventually,

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Extend the life of your dryer and avoid costly repair

Cleaning the vents, hoses, and filters for optimum operation of your dryer and avoid fire hazard: Excessive heat is the number one cause for electronics and parts failure in your clothes dryer. The number one reason for excessive heat is clogged ventilation. The good news is that there

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