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Cleaning the vents, hoses, and filters for optimum operation of your dryer and avoid fire hazard:

Excessive heat is the number one cause for electronics and parts failure in your clothes dryer. The number one reason for excessive heat is clogged ventilation. The good news is that there is an easy set of steps to extend the life of your dryer and avoid serious conditions of fire hazard. There are always great manufacturer resources for dryer maintenance for dryer manufacturers such as Maytag. Keep in mind, if there are any steps below you don’t feel comfortable with, be certain to give us a call to give you a hand.

Clean the lint screen after each use

While this may seem the most mundane instruction, it is the best method of prevention and way to avoid having to clean your hoses and vent as often. Even when totally clean, the screen allows for some debris to pass through. Every time you run your machine, these lint and dust particles filter through the screen and begin to accumulate in the exhaust system of the dryer. Cleaning the screen before every use is the very first step toward excellent dryer health.

Clean out those ventilation hoses

Dryer HoseThose big coiled hoses are easier to clean than you think! Prior to working on the dryer, it is best to cut off its power source by unplugging or flipping the breaker. Each end of the hose is held by a clamp, usually with a setscrew, so you will need a screwdriver and possibly a pair of pliers if it is a compression style clamp. Detach the hose from the back of the dryer as well as from the vent on the other end. Be careful not to puncture the plastic of hose. Use a vacuum, preferably a shop-vac on either end to remove excess dust and lint.

Before attaching the hose back to the back of the dryer and the exhaust vent, carefully use your hand, (VERY CAREFULLY as the sheet metal can be sharp) or better yet, use your shop-vac to suck out that mess from the dryer exhaust and the vent on the wall. Once completed, you can attach that hose securely once again on both ends.

Clean that exterior vent

dryer-vent-maintenanceThe ventilation system leads to a vent that exhausts to the outside. This vent will be somewhere the exterior side of your house. How bad can it get? This graphic shows you how this vent can be almost to entirely clogged, preventing that hot air from escaping and building up significant heat that has nowhere to go except back to your dryer to destroy its parts and become that dangerous fire hazard we have been talking about. These exterior vents are often attached in different ways, including screws that can be removed or plastic parts that can just be clicked in and out of place. The instruction is simple. Remove that lint and dust!

Make sure there is no clutter around your dryer

Remember that you are dealing with a machine that uses significant amounts of heat and electricity. Keep clothing and flammable clutter far away from your dryer. Usually where there is a dryer, there is also a washing machine. In the event of a leak and the possibility of faulty wiring, you can have a deadly combination of electrocution and fire hazard.  Be smart and keep your washer and dryer area clean and clear of clutter.

If something is wrong, or if you prefer an expert to handle your maintenance…

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